It’s here folks! And probably here to stay. Todays market and economy are pushing alternative cost saving energy sources to a new high. However be warned! There are hundreds of emerging solar panel instalation companies in the north georgia area that know a little bit about solar energy and a little about electrical wiring but have no clue about safe work practices or optimal instalation of the product.

There are a several questions that need to be asked when searching for a solar enrgy contractor. The state of Georgia requires that a contractor installing solar panel be licenced. Make sure that the contactor has referal letters from former customers. Make sure your contractor has been factory trained by the manufacterer of the equipment that he supplies. The instalation of solar panels is a serious and at this time an expensive venture. The payback period is an issue as well. How fast will your solar system pay for itself? This is a question that must be asked. Also, How long will the components of the system last? When will I have to replace the panels? All of these questions and issues must be taken into consideration when looking at solar power systems. There are highly reputable companies out there that will provide you with a top quality product. PLEASE take your time in finding the right system and contractor. Solar energy systems are here to stay and they are getting cheaper. If there are any questions about this or you need help finding a qualified contractor please call or e-mail A-Team Electrical services. Our info can be found on our web site: www.northgeorgia



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